Growth Issue 03


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This is a PREORDER of our third issue, growth. Issue 3 is a double cover featuring rapper, skater and designer Na-Kel Smith and the New York designer and founder of the accessory brand Ciriaco, Ashley Ciriaco. In addition, this issue features eight stories with musicians like ZAY from Sacramento, event throwers like Ikenna of Kene and Friends, and fashion designers like Kolbe, Chandler and Rebecca Alexis. There’s also a story on mental health and what it feels like to overcome imposter syndrome while you are growing.

Growth is a part of our lives that happens whether we like it or not. In this issue, we look at how each of these people grew in their respective careers, how they started, the lessons they have learned, how they want to grow in their lives, and what growth means to them. Thank you all for growing with us.


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