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B4BYLEXIGIRL, the Internet It Girl talked about her goals of inspiring people to chase their passions, and she did. On her website,, Lexi features art, weekly music updates, interviews, and more. Since the last interview with us, Lexi has started taking DJing seriously as a career rather than just a hobby. Before this, her interests were based in making digital art, videos, and building an online community through her website. Recently, she released B4by gang merch on her website, and has consistently released mixes on her SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.  

What made you want to start DJing and making mixes?

Lexi: I went to a performing arts high school and was always interested in music. I got my first turntables for my 18th birthday from my Auntie and one of my best friend’s Skyler taught me how to use them. I knew that I was interested in DJing but never really took it seriously ‘til 2019.

What was making the transition to be a DJ like?

L: It wasn’t a huge transition for me. I just really had to start going to clubs and bars a lot more.

When was the last event you had? What was that moment like for you?

L: The last event I had was March 7th. I had such an amazing set. I truly had no idea it was going to be my last set for a while.

People with creative talents are known to be multidisciplinary. Creatives are fluid in their means to create. The bridge between creating art and music was the path Lexi took to becoming a DJ. It’s clear that her love of music and creative nature were bound to cross paths. Music plays an important role in the lives of most people. With Lexi, music is vital, she says music plays such a large role in her life.

“I start and end everyday with music.”

When you spin, what songs are the most fun for you to play?

L: Definitely, either a Mac Dre, Chief Keef, or Pop smoke song. I play multiple songs by them each set

How do you choose the songs for a DJ set or a mix?

L: I have a setlist that I usually use for every show and I update it with new songs that I feel would make sense.

How do you prepare for a mix? Are they just songs that you like or just songs that might sound good?

L: I have a formula that works really well for me and it just consists of using songs that I genuinely like and that makes sense.

Lexi is always prepared to entertain, whether she is actively looking for new music, or finding music in her own personal library. She is ready.  When DJing, you have to be prepared in moments of a live performance or making mixes to go off instinct. This new territory is not so new for Lexi. DJing comes to her as equal as all her other endeavors, even if it meant leaving some of these endeavors behind.

“I love the fuck outta music. It’s more fun for me probably than the crowd.”

What changes did you have to make to adapt to a new career, How did you?

L: I didn’t have to adapt to my new career because it felt like I was supposed to be doin’ this, it felt very natural.

How are you able to balance your website work and your DJ work?

L: It’s honestly really fucking hard. I make schedules often of what needs to be done and sometimes I execute things and sometimes I don’t. I’m still finding the perfect balance but it’s definitely easier right now during Quarantine.

Did becoming a DJ make you better at the other things you do? How?

L: Absolutely. It’s made video editing a lot easier actually. Making mixes and DJing in general you have to be precise. Becoming well rounded and trained in both areas has made the process so much quicker.

How does this job compare to your previous jobs?

L: I had a lot of regular jobs so they don’t compare at all. I love the fuck outta MUSIC. It’s more fun for me probably than the crowd.

“The biggest difference is how much I talk on the Mic. MY first like 5 shows I was like fuck this,” Lexi said. “Then I actually had to make an announcement one day and I liked how I sounded.”

Lexi added DJing to her repertoire, and she has learned that crowd interaction is needed rather than staying quiet the whole night like she might have done when she first started. With this progression, she hasn’t let go of what started her off on the creative path. The goals now are the same goals she has always had. She has wanted to inspire others to follow their dreams. Lexi has started to mentor other young creatives, and providing new experiences with her mixes, even in these strange times.

What did you have planned before COVID?

L: Before COVID, I had a great few months ahead planned. I was meant to play shows all March. And Then go to London and turn that bitch OUT.

What has been the most important part of quarantine for you?

L: The most important part of this quarantine for me has been all of the new things I have learned about myself, learned how to do, and learned how to control my emotions.

What role do you think music is playing in this part of our lives?

L: Music is one of the only things we really have to DEPEND on right now. The world has been shut down; we’ve had no option but to stay in the crib. If it wasn’t for music a lot of us would’ve lost our shit a LONG time ago.

In what ways do you want to grow with music?

L: I want to learn how to produce and become the best I can be at my craft and doing the unthinkable with the Grace of God.

How do you want your career to go to the next level?

L: Going to the next level for me will be becoming a WORLDWIDE BRAND AS A DJ, CREATOR, LEADER & MENTOR. Not only do I want for every person to have the best experience when I DJ, but I also want to teach other DJs and other artists at a high level. Eventually opening up A boys & girls club for the arts.

Creativity has no limits. Lexi has made a world for herself that only keeps growing from the digital landscape to the physical one. As she continues to create, she won’t let anything get in her way. Music crosses barriers and boundaries while connecting us all. As Pharrell said, “Did you know the universe just means one song?” DJ Lexi will continue to use music to inspire and connect the people she reaches and beyond. The Internet It Girl turned DJ will be signing onto a platform near you to spin you into a good time.

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