The Internet It Girl

img_4936Most mediums of art have seemed to become saturated in almost every way imaginable. Seeing a new artist, new boutique, or a new rapper can be exciting but exhausting.  Something that will never get exhausting will be seeing original content from original people like Lexi.

Q: Who are you? Where are you from?


Q:  Which part of California helped shape you the most, the Bay or LA?

Lexi: Growing up I spent a lot of time up north which had a big part to do with shaping me, but I also spent a fair amount of time in LA and made that decision to permanently relocate to LA when I was 15.

Q: How were you raised?

Lexi: I don’t even know how to start this answer. But I’ll start by saying my mom was 16 when she had me. So, she and my dad were really young and essentially, I grew up with them. being that, both my parents had support systems from their family I was the community baby. I spent a large amount of time with like every single one of my family members. My Nina (grandma) who didn’t want to be called grandma was and still is very significant in my life.

Q: Are your parents supportive of all of your endeavors?

Lexi: Yes!!!! They go hard for me and see the vision crystal clear they all look at my website like what.. U did this Immm like yaaaa!!!!!! go CRAYZ!!!

Q: When did you become b4by Lexi g1rl?

Lexi: Back in my Myspace days and just let it ride out.

img_0455A little over a year ago, Lexi started her own site, which she describes as her own online magazine under the name of her alias, Since the start, she has been consistently posted on her site every week she updates her top 8 columns consisting of pictures and videos of the people that she loves, her songs of the week, changing every Tuesday. She hopes to help inspire other young people to follow their passions by following her own passion.

“I use my platform to really inspire others as best as I can to go crazy with whatever their passion is.”

Q: How would you describe the site?

Lexi: A place to go for creative inspiration, motivation and my outlook online. New age myspace with actual content and fye shit.

Q: How has your top 8 changed since your myspace days?

Lexi: My t0p 8 has changed a lot yet very little since my myspace days.

Lexi: It’s changed in the way of my structure and organization. and of course, it’s on my website – not a social network so I’m able to share more and put out what it is that I want to share with them – much like myspace but I feel a lot more free in terms of sharing what I want to share and how I share it. It hasn’t changed much because I still like the same kind of music, have the same kind of layout and that early 2000s feel of course.

Q: Who was in your top 8 on myspace?

Lexi: My best friend, Tristin.

Q: How do you choose what will make it onto your site?
Lexi: I make a treatment for my top 8 each week and I pick out content the whole week prior and whatever lays out the best I use and if the content I chose doesn’t make it that week, I definitely use it somewhere down the line.

Q: Do you ever find it difficult to consistently post in your site?

Lexi: Yes. Life comes at me sometimes and I just completely blank or freak out, but I have to push myself to do it anyway because I’m the only one who does it.

Q: Would you ever like to start running the site with a team later on?

Lexi: I would LOVE to have a full team and have everyone fully operate in their own way. as I’ve tried to conduct a team before – I found that people stick to things that they believe in or things they know they can handle. I am actively accepting new team members and welcome anyone who is committed, creative and truly wants to learn right now I have a small team of 2 people and we are always looking to expand.

Q: Do you always have your vision statement in mind when you do any work?

Lexi: Not always sometimes I just get stuck and don’t know where to start and I just make myself start and it may start out not so fye but it turns out amazing like 9.7 times outta 10.

img_0453With the site, you can see that music is a big part of Lexi’s creative and motivational process, even in her everyday life music plays a large part. From her weekly top 8 updates to being involved in music from her producer boyfriend. Besides music, she also gets motivation from her boyfriend, her parents, and her grandmother. Helping her be able to move onto the next steps not only in her career but in her life as well. Even with the motivational forces she has in her corner, it can still be difficult to maintain sanity and be consistent with her creativity, but from the difficulties, she got a chance to work through them and succeed.

On her family: “They help me so much on an everyday basis and I can’t even hide it. they show me guidance and show me so much love I am blessed honestly.”

Q:  What gives you the motivation to keep going?

Lexi: My biggest motivation is looking at all of my work and I’ll be like wow I really made this is so fire lets do it again.

Q: What have you learned about yourself from starting the site?

Lexi: I learned a lot of things. The first being, if you want something done right, do it yourself !! !! and another thing I learned about myself is THAT I’m not going. meaning I will do whatever it takes to make sure my website and content is where it needs to be at all times. This means losing sleep at night to not being able to go out with friends all the time but I realized I’m really dedicated to what I believe in and that’s onna dead loccs. 

Q: How do you balance all parts of your life like brand work, personal life among all of the other things you do?

Lexi: I PRAY. A lot. I also make a lot of lists and do my best to schedule out each and every day as far as SHIT that I have to get done so I utilize all of my time each day, however, because I am also me and like to be spontaneous and just pipe up I sometimes lose track of time. And for that reason prayer helps the most to allow to create balance and get back on track.

Q: How do you want your brand to grow and expand?

Lexi: I want it to be worldwide. Thankfully, is already global as shit and i have viewers all over the world literally. But I want it to go deeper. I want for people to be able to check out my website and get real opinions, get to watch my life for real, I want it to eventually turn into a huge online magazine that features everything and everyone that I loved but based of the brand b4bylexigirl.

Q: What is the best thing that your work has given you?

Lexi: PURE JOY. The satisfaction of making shit and looking back and remembering the process and understanding I could make that again x 200 is the best thing my work gives me.

Q: Do you have any advice for anyone who would like to build a brand?

Lexi: Yes. GO FUCKING STUPID. Really trust yourself and trust the process. I wouldn’t discuss the idea with others too too much JUST do it. And those who fuck with it will fuck with it and those who don’t fuck em. But don’t let anyone fuck up the process and you will be FANTASTIC. 

Q: How did you make your brand and your lifestyle become one thing?

Lexi: I’ve always lived my life how I wanted, doing what I want, saying what I what and being the best b4bylexi I can be. Luckily I’ve been in a position of leadership my whole life (especially being the oldest of 7) so being myself to the fullest just turned into a brand because others seek real genuine shit and because I’ve lived my life accordingly it wasn’t hard to merge the two. 

img_4937Combining her brand and lifestyle has a lot to do with her career and the steps she takes to contribute to her growth. Using her social media presence on her Instagram to her advantage, like most people would want. Mainly using the most convenient feature on the app, the stories to be able to get feedback from the people ho support her. She would post her weekly t0p 8 and her Life with Lexi episodes when they go live on her youtube channel. 

Q: Where do you want to take the work that you do?

Lexi: I  want to take it EVERYWHERE. From being able to code, make videos and visual arts to being a mentor to my youth I want to take these things everywhere and eventually open up a boys and girls type of club for all the artists. 

Q: What else do you want to do in your life?

Lexi: Let’s see influence the world thru my art and passions, build a legacy with my family – create a real deal magazine, open up a center for artists, creative direct, direct and write movies, shoot a lot of videos, make life with Lexi a real TV Show and ultimately do what God has naturally gifted me with and lead by example.

Q: What do you hope to get accomplished with the things that you are doing right now?

Lexi: Really working on the coding of my members only portal so getting that completed and truthfully making my website more efficient and user-friendly every day, building great content for myself and others also throwing another banger top of the year. 

Q: What steps in your life brought you to this moment?

Lexi: Really just trusting God, trusting my gut feeling and never folding on what I love and know to be true. Just the continuous need to be great and pushing myself even when in the worst situations knowing I’ll come out way stronger. 

Q: Who are some people you would love to work with?

Lexi: Bootsy Collins, Rico Nasty, Tyler the Creator, Kali Uchis, Mac DeMarco, MLMA, and many more.

Q: What do you wish for your future?

Lexi: Longevity. 

Starting in a classroom at her school, editing pictures to being on her way to become a household name. Alexis, Lexi, B4bylexig1rl is working on her craft not only for herself but to help inspire other people out in the world as well. From this interview, I hope you got the chance to learn about Lexi and her craft and how she wishes to improve and grow. Stay in touch with her by becoming part of the B4by gang by subscribing to her website. And that’s on tha gang!

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