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IMG_9229In recent years, we have seen that Chicago artists have been proving themselves over and over. Chance The Rapper being an independent artist and winning a Grammy this past year changed the way people high in the music industry see things. Chief Keef has changed music as a whole; you do not see anyone today who does not say that they were not inspired by him or GBE as a whole. Even in recent months, we have seen rappers and producers like Warhol.SS, BrentRambo, Lucki, amongst others. Added to this list is Davo, born and raised from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Now, this is a name that you do not know, so yes, this might be the name of someone you may probably deem as a soundcloud rapper, but he is so much more.  He not only makes music, he writes, paints, he models. He is more than the streaming platform that we receive his music on. Davo is someone who is going to matter.

“When did you start making music?”

Davo: I made my first song in 2015

“What made you do music?”

Davo: I have always been interested in music. It just took being in the right place at the right time for me to actually make music.

The online presence that he has varies from his music to the comedic things he may post. When you open his page on souncloud, the name Davo Forgiato pops up. While on his twitter page, you see that he goes by Chief Davo. Explaining this to me, the name Davo Forgiato is his rap name and the other name, Chief Davo being his online persona, the person who makes you laugh by making memes, but is not a fan of memes.  Yet, whenever you see him, just calling him Davo is most likely perfectly fine. How are you making music if you are not a fan of yourself? It does not correlate.

Which one of your songs is your favorite?

Davo: I got a new favorite song; it’s called Shine and I’m directing the video for it currently.

Why is it your favorite?

Davo: The lyrics are really a reflection of my life currently and teamjacob made the beat.

What is your favorite memory?

Davo: So far, I’d like to say the first time I stayed in the studio for over 12 hours.

Who are the artists that you are listening to the most?

Davo: Currently, ATL Smook and Black Kray, all time, Sosa.

What song means the most to you, why?

Davo: The most important song to me isn’t a rap song; it’s Jimi Hendrix ‘voodoo Child’. I just love it so much.

IMG_9231Music is not the only thing that he does with his time. The internet has been a tool that has helped people launch their careers in different mediums, music, and comedy amongst many other things. For Davo he is using it to his advantage in both ways. Looking at his tweets you can see that comedy is something that he obviously loves just as much as he loves making music. One day, if life happens to go as planned, he wishes to make videos on the regular basis; besides that he deems himself an actor, painter and model of some sort. With all of these things that he is doing, having a motivating force behind you is something that is just as important as you being motivated yourself.

How has your surroundings affected your sound?

Davo: My friends are the biggest influences to me so they definitely affect my sound.

When are you the most inspired?

Davo: I feel the most inspired when I’m listening to or watching something and I understand the story they’ve told and think about how I can make it my own. 

Who is your favorite artist to work with?

Davo: So far, Krave, because I’ve worked the most with him, we have a group called Post Mortem that everyone can peep on my soundcloud.

The name Post Morten, how did you guys come up with that and how did you all agree on that name?

Davo: Krave came up with the name after both of us lost a friend and I thought it sounded pretty cool so that’s what we decided on.

Who makes you go harder and do more with your music?

Davo: My mom is an obvious motivator for my growth as an artist, but my friends definitely get on my ass id I haven’t released any music.

How did your mom react when she first heard your music?

Davo: My mom doesn’t like my music; she likes everything I do but music basically.

A lot of times in music, the artist adds their personal life experiences in their songs, do you do the same?

Davo: Yeah, in the song Hollywood is almost a complete retelling of my first time going to LA. Other than that I reference shit I do in every track.

IMG_9232Having many things that you would like to do in your time on earth is almost expected for everyone. You just hope that you don’t fall into the trap of working a job that you hate to the point where you want to die. Looking at many of the successful people they all have different avenues of how they get their income. That is the mentality that a lot of young people today have, kind of a backup in case the original plan that they created for themselves does not pan out the way they initially saw it in the beginning. So other options to get the check, but not do that 9 to 5 shit are always on the table.

How do you hope to grow as a person?

Davo: I’m completely fine with not being shit right now because I’m only 20 but I definitely have a lot of growing up to do.

What do you want next for your career?

Davo: I would love to be able to do a tour of colleges throughout the country. I know people all over, so it’s possible for me to make it happen. I just need to hop down.

Do you think you’ll ever stop making music?

Davo: If I have something better to spend my time doing, I’ll slow down; but I don’t see it myself quitting music. It’s too fun and clearly somebody is listening to my shit.

What is your ultimate career goal?

Davo: My goal is to have a record label that transcends music, much like Odd Future or Glo Gang; and is nearly a pop icon itself.

Where do you want your music to take you?

Davo: Everywhere is possible.

What is your wildest dream?

Davo: I want to own a house that I can remodel and transform into a brothel.

For only twenty years old, you can see that Davo is putting so much of himself into his art. Not only with his music but the other mediums that he has explored; from his writing, to the modeling and most importantly the music that he makes. Like I said before, he is much more than the streaming service that his music appears on.  He has many goals and aspirations that will take him so far beyond what he is perceived as when he puts a song on twitter. Stop playing with him and other artist and take them as seriously as you would take an artist that you genuinely love. And if you listen and don’t love him maybe you will in the future.

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