Hope You Know What I’m into

C6w1z_xVsAALFyCIf you know me, then you know I am certainly into these rappers to keep it brief. I love so many people from almost everywhere. Previously, I touched on artists from cities such as Atlanta and Berkeley that I love so much. But a city that is coming out with new talent with every single day it seems like is Chicago. From new world famous artists like Chance the Rapper all the way to young underground legends like Chief Keef, there are never two artist who are even remotely similar to the last. As of late, Lucki has been my favorite and he keeps making me love him more with each release.

Lucki, better known as  Lucki Eck$, is probably one of the most diverse artists to date. From having a song, ‘Ouch Ouch’ with an experimental artists like Fka Twigs and collaborating with King Krule on the ‘Neptune Estate‘ remix. To joining forces with Chance The Rapper on ‘Stevie Wonder’ and even being on Glo Gang at the age of about seventeen. This man is a young legend, and he is still proving himself everyday.

“I blew up twice, like the Migos.”

DAozVX-WAAMZRksLooking at his career, him having two blow ups is certainly true. It was previously mentioned, all of the things he got the chance to accomplish early in his career, but even now in his second blow up he is almost a star in my eyes. The things he did early on in his career blow my mind, like how are you sixteen and you have Justin Timberlake and Pharrell tweeting your songs?

When I first found out about Lucki, I remember favoriting a song of his on twitter that Ken Rebel tweeted in about 2014 or so and  since 2016, it has been nothing but love for this man and the music that he makes. From the song ‘4:16′ to his most recent song ‘Static‘ with production by 16yrold; he has proved himself to be consistent making good music from the time he has started up until now.

“Niggas be on lil shit, I’m on big shit.”

watch my back cover.pngDespite being seen as one of the newcomers of the recent years, him  being on big shit is indeed big facts. From his wrap sheet, he probably has been rapping longer than most of today’s hip hop writers have been listening to the music. Both of the times he blew up, he has done nothing but got progressively better with his art. To me, he has one of the best voices in this new era of rap. Not only with what he says, but also how he says it. No a lot of times do you actually feel what rappers are saying. Much like Future, Lucki gives off the same feeling; even going as far as calling himself “Baby Future” on his song ‘Leave With You‘. You understands how he feels in this song without ever having tho go through that specific situation.

He has such transparency and vulnerability in his music, it makes me feel like I’m there going through everything with him.  You can hear him talk about loving these women who have these terrible attitudes and even being open with his drug use. He gives you himself in his music. He has the type of music that makes you want to help him, at least for me it does. I have said all of this to simply say how much I love Lucki; and if  you never got the chance to listen to him hopefully this makes you.

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