Wow, I Love Key! so Much.


Atlanta has to be maybe my second or third favorite place when it comes to music. Everyone who makes music is completely different from the last artist; the ranges are crazy. There is no box or mold that they have to try and fit into; in rap capitols of the world, there is some mold that you have to fit into. Atlanta is one of the few cities that does not have the constraint over their heads. Ever since Atlanta niggas started rapping, they’ve been wild. You can have a group of alternative niggas, hood niggas all the way to a person like Key. It is as simple as that. I think that Key might be a person who is able to fit into all of these, yet he also goes above and beyond the norm. He has the ability to transcend these very specific and very broad structures that seemed placed on the music scene.

“Music is the only thing I do good” he stated in his November 2016 No Jumper.

I remember my first memory of Key so vividly, the ‘Give em Hell’ video was on MTV jams six something in the morning; and all I thought was “Who is this big nigga with no shirt on yelling?” I never knew from that moment I would basically be obsessed with him and his music. From that moment the memory of him might have been swept from my mind; until I heard one of the best features in my life, in the spring of that year, on “Wrist”, and it was him. It’s like he came back and we had a reunion through the music I found my love for him again. And honestly this can never like go away, you can never love and appreciate a person’s art and have it be a part of your everyday routine without going in and finding out what they have done throughout the course of their career. Luckily I have stumbled across some great people in my short time that has helped me realize what Key has done. Whether it be them putting me up on game about how he wrote songs for people, how he produced before he really started rapping; it helped me realize the impact that he has. And if you think about it he like changed the whole sound of the underground scene really.

He has a bigger hand in music and the culture than people give him credit for. From producing, rapping, ghostwriting for some of your favorite artists, to even being an influential founding member of two-nine and helping some of the new breakout artists in Atlanta like 21 Savage and Playboi Carti. I mean, even influencing the new rap sound that we all hear today. He created the blueprint; he is the blueprint. We should all thank him for this honestly, the music sounds great. The influence that he has is going to last forever, so many people exist today that were raised on listening to Key! He is the musical father figure to a lot of people who are making music like right now; it’s crazy. What would they be without him? So much of an impact, but no recognition for it.

There is so much that can be said about this man; but, I am lost for words. He is nothing short of being the icon in the underground scene from Father’s Are the Blame all the way to his most recent solo project Before I Scream. Also his joint release with Reese; Been Had Boyz he can only produce fire. He only gives us fire; whether it be a song; “Death B4 Designer” featuring Keith Ape where he does not even speak English and you can still vibe to that. A song showcasing how normal he is and that his success was just a coincidence the way he told us on “Regular Guy”. Or even producing a fye ass three-song project like he did when he gave us Keyoncé.


To top everything off; if I did not think that my love for him could grow more it did. Seeing him live Friday, January 27 really opened up my eyes even more. He must be the nicest person I have ever met or have ever seen. Him being a regular guy is so true. He was around everyone chilling, very calm and I think that was something that was hard for me to understand because everyone says that you should not expect much when you meet someone you hold at a certain stature; so I did not. But when we met he was the nicest, kindest person ever; I was so juiced I wanted to die. He did so much that he did not even have to do for us at all. I am really thankful for him doing that for us I appreciate Key! so much for that. To think, I was able to see him live let alone meet this man is something that will always blow my mind. That is a moment I will cherish forever, he literally did that out of the kindness in his heart. I am not sure how many times I can thank him if there was any sort of way I could repay him I am not even sure how I would. He is an angel. I love him so much it was so crazy to experience.

This is something that I talk about or say a lot, but never actually gave any reasons. But I mean what reasons do I need? He’s a great rapper, great producer, cute dad, great social media presence what more could a person ask for. Also, he’s really fucking smart; he knows what he’s dong out here. He may sound like one of these new niggas but that is only because he along with the likes of Lil B, Soulja Boy, and Chief Keef birthed these new niggas. That “… Hey” shit you hear? That’s Key. They are all his sons and they barely know it; that is why I love Key. How can anyone hate on this man or dare say that he is not impactful in any way?

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