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Have You Heard of Sinclair?

Art is something that you will always see, but you never really know the person who is behind it. It is up to the artist to make the artwork stand out on its own. And every young artist is trying to prove themselves to do just that. Who are you,

Wow, I Love Key! so Much.

Atlanta has to be maybe my second or third favorite place when it comes to music. Everyone who makes music is completely different from the last artist; the ranges are crazy. There is no box or mold that they have to try and fit into; in rap capitols of the

The Importance of The Pack

There have been many great and iconic groups in hip-hop, ranging from the south where we had the Hot Boys and UGK. And to the north, where we have seen some of the most major groups in history; like Dipset and Wu-Tang. In the sea of all of the amazing