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Self-care is becoming more important as many of us enter the careers of self-expression. Most people are putting 100 percent of themselves into perfecting crafts that were once just a hobby. There are many ways you can choose to care for yourself, one of the ways that are at the forefront is self-care in the form of skincare and beauty. Yazmine Fowler, the 21-year-old Chicagoan, and founder of Sunflower Beauty Corporation (SBC). As the founder, Yazmine is using her passion for beauty in a way that will show people how to take better care of themselves.

What is Sunflower Beauty Corporation?

Yazmine: Sunflower Beauty is a self-care/skincare brand looking to revolutionize the beauty industry and introduce products that are Earth-friendly.

What made you want to focus on beauty?

Y: I was doing research about my skin and products I could buy but at the time I didn’t have money. When I was about eight or nine, my grandma used to do DIY spa treatments with me using all-natural ingredients and methods. They always worked the best for me, but I wanted to be able to share that with others.

What drew you to the self-care and beauty realm?

Y: Self-care. Literally. I learned about why it’s so important. I know its cliché but if you don’t love yourself how can somebody else really love you? Self-care is learning about your personal boundaries and learning how to communicate them fearlessly. What better way to constantly share that message than through a “beauty” brand?

What made you focus on beauty as opposed to focusing on the previous projects you’ve worked on?

Y: It was always a goal of mine to find a space where I can be both creative and mentor as a result of whatever success. The beauty industry is a great place to make people feel great about themselves. I wanted to use skincare as a platform to represent beauty in more than one shade and gender type. There are so many people out there that deserve to feel represented and beautiful.

I try not to beat myself up for slow progression.”

0-1The journey that everyone has dealing with better ways to take care of themselves is a varying task. It looks different for everyone. The version of self-care one person may need might come in the form of a day focused around pampering themselves. For others, it could be taking designated time to focus on the craft that they are pursuing. For Yazmine, it involves daily affirmations, breaks, time for herself and practices that help her future.

How do you implement self-care into your career, brand, and your lifestyle?

Y: I try my best to keep reminding myself that I am talented, creative and meant to be on the path that I’m on. I listen to music that I love a lot. The slow sappy stuff that makes me happy. I dance to myself mostly all the time. Anybody that knows me will attest, I dance randomly a lot. I think just finding things to be grateful for daily helps to. I might forget one day or two, but I try my best to think about those things as well.

What steps were taken leading up to the launch of Sunflower Beauty Corporation?

Y: It wasn’t something easy to measure, I did a lot of research. I did everything from looking at the successful beauty brands, how beauty brands start from the ground up, and so on. I even went as far as looking for their pricing and packaging. It was a process, for sure.

How has the experience with SBC been different from what you have done with your other projects?

Y: I have grown so much with both Sunflower Project and SBC, but SBC has been by far the most exciting. I am challenging myself to push harder and learn more. Before, I think the project ideas were coming out of a place where I felt desperate to prove something to people.

“With past projects, I was trying to work around the obstacles instead of going through them and enjoying the journey, which I think I’m learning to do now.”

IMG_0092Since February, Yazmine has been working on SBC. Stemming off of her last venture, 2017’s Sunflower Project, a series of photos dedicated to emotions we feel and both the positive and negative ways we cope. Founding Sunflower Beauty Corporation has shown Yazmine that perfection cannot happen all of the time. Also, it has taught her that maybe going in knowing little to nothing and just winging it yields better results. About herself, the process has shown her that she is very creative, she holds power that was untapped prior to this experience.

Being the founder of Sunflower Beauty Corp, what has it taught you?

Y: It has taught me that I can’t make everything perfect every time. Sometimes I have to dive in headfirst and wing it. Those are honestly the times that I get the best results.

How has the experience with SBC been different from what you have done with your other projects?

Y: I have grown so much from both of them, but Sunflower Beauty has been by far the most exciting. I am challenging myself all the time to push harder and learn more. Before I think the project, ideas were coming out of a place where I felt really desperate to prove something to people. With my previous projects, I was trying to work around obstacles instead of just going through them and enjoying the journey, which I think I’m learning how to do now.

What did you change going into SBC?

Y: I think something I changed going into SBC was my expectation approach. I used to have VERY large expectations, but I’ve learned that regardless of the number of people that show up, I should give 10 people the same care and attention I would give 1000 people.

What do sunflowers mean to you?

Y: Strength, longevity, happiness, and dedication.

“I’ve always been interested in speaking about the importance of self-care, love, and mental health. It’s the base of all I do.”

Sunflowers are often associated with adoration, loyalty, and longevity. For Yazmine, as she was getting more into poetry and symbolism, the sunflower stem represented strength and diligence. Whereas the flower facing the sun at every angle means vulnerability to her. Representing both parts of being human, strength, and vulnerability. We are all flowers with that balance.

What has been keeping you motivated from the start until now?

Y: Knowing that my brand is bigger than me. I try to listen to the people that love me as well. My god dad, Dave said to me back in 2017, “if you stand in one spot, you will never move but if you decide to take one foot in front of the other and don’t stop, you’ll get somewhere.” I will never forget that.

What are some of the expectations that you have for yourself as you go into the beauty industry?

Y: Some of my expectations for myself is simply becoming a better businesswoman and an overall better me. I want to use every opportunity to grow.

IMG_0090As Yazmine is on her growth journey she is trying out her new ideas as she grows. One of the new ideas that were placed into action was the July 18th Garden Conversations panel.  Which included conversations about organic growth with other young creative women from Chicago. And with the growth and new ideas forming with being a new company, she has people who have been on her side since the beginning. Both of her parents have been instrumental in her success with her confidence in her projects and helping her stay excited about them. Also, her close friend, Simone is integral with helping take SBC to the next step as her Chief Operations Officer.

What’s next for you?

Y: I don’t know what’s next.  I don’t like setting an expectation, I think it can block opportunities. My focus now is getting a website and launching by September. Follow the @SunflowerBeautyCorp Instagram for updates.

Where do you want to take SBC?

Y: I would love to open a shop for clients to get facials, to collaborate with brands to create sustainable fashion lines and more. It’s limitless.

What does Sunflower Beauty Corp mean to you?

Y: Everything.





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