Author: Nia Coats

Welcome to The Party

keneandfriends has been a way for people who may be like Ikenna, who wanted an inclusive party experience. During his time in South Carolina, he realized that he had to create something for himself and the people around him who wanted to hear more than just homogeneous party music.

Phabo’s Following His North Star

Phabo is the man of the hour. He made the journey of doing first headlining American tour took 13 cities and the UK and took the country by storm with his smooth voice.

We caught up with him at San Francisco’s Cafe Du Nord to touch on the adventure of his career, what it has been like doing this work as an independent artist and his growth both personally and professionally.

AG Club Brings it Home

Jody and Baby Boy make up the Antioch born, Los Angles based duo, AG Club. With their newest release they decided to return home to celebrate with the friends, family, and fans that gave them their start. For a week long, they involved both new and old fans to come together and bond leading up to the release of their third studio album.

Gone Digging

We have seen crates evolve from being used to hold milk to store records and even used as stairs. At the top of the hill in Daly City, living among small businesses that offer work uniforms and training gyms, there’s a record store, barbershop, and a t-shirt printing shop sharing

Feeling Freemotions

Packing up his entire home studio, some clothing items, and moving to another state was a big move for the Berkeley artist Isaiah Mostafa. However, he saw this move to challenge himself with his art. Then, the pandemic started, and his relationship ended. Then, Mostafa heard from a friend about

Inside Juicy Black

The East Bay band released their debut single ‘FWM 2’ in the fall of 2020. Now on the release of their second single ‘Actin A Fool’, they are excited to grow as a band with their fan base.

Behind the Angel’s Gate

Scrolling through Instagram, seeing what everyone is up to as the world is nearly a year into the pandemic. People are live streaming with their friends, posting freestyles and some people are exploring their talents and becoming better. The seventeen-year-old Philadelphia artist, Eliezer (Israe) Lompo, has only been doing art