Inside Juicy Black

The East Bay band released their debut single ‘FWM 2’ in the fall of 2020. Now on the release of their second single ‘Actin A Fool’, they are excited to grow as a band with their fan base.

Behind the Angel’s Gate

Scrolling through Instagram, seeing what everyone is up to as the world is nearly a year into the pandemic. People are live streaming with their friends, posting freestyles and some people are exploring their talents and becoming better. The seventeen-year-old Philadelphia artist, Eliezer (Israe) Lompo, has only been doing art

Lil Lexi in this bitch

B4BYLEXIGIRL, the Internet It Girl talked about her goals of inspiring people to chase their passions, and she did. On her website,, Lexi features art, weekly music updates, interviews, and more. Since the last interview with us, Lexi has started taking DJing seriously as a career rather than just

Hol’ On Trap

Trap is the Atlanta DJ that makes it happen no matter what. The effect of COVID-19 has shown this to be true, he has adapted to the times like we all must do.

All Gold Everything

Jewelry, whether its gold, platinum, silver or bronze its something we all love. For a lot of us, one of the first pieces we owned was a nameplate bracelet we received as newborn babies. Jewelry is personal to all of us, they are mementos and heirlooms from our families and

The Baby Miracle, Mavi

The 20-year-old rising star, Mavi has been pretty much everywhere as of late.  Most recently, he was able to grace the stage of the Spirithaus Art Gallery in West Oakland. For the last five months, since the release of his album, Let the Sun Talk he’s been in high demand. Everything is changing as he […]

Garden Conversations with Yazmine

Self-care is becoming more important as many of us enter the careers of self-expression. Most people are putting 100 percent of themselves into perfecting crafts that were once just a hobby. There are many ways you can choose to care for yourself, one of the ways that are at the